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Introduction to Aquatics

Posted by ganbox 13/04/2018 0 Comment(s)

Aquariums are a beautiful and attractive item you can add to your home. Many people think that they are labor intensive, expensive and require a lot of care. But this is far from the truth, we agree that a glass vessel and fish in it is not enough, but it is not so complicated as well.


In a series of topics, we will look at what is needed to create a beautiful aquarium and what care is required. We begin with an introduction and description of all elements of the aquarium.


The first and most important thing to remember is that the aquarium is a small, self-contained ecosystem. For a healthy aquarium, it is necessary to be provided conditions resembling those in their natural living environment. The aquarium consists mainly of the following items: water container (predominantly glass), lid, lighting, filter, heater and air pump.

The aquarium may be a circular, rectangular, cube or any other shape. There front glass can be panoramic, rounded or straight. Its dimensions depend entirely on the need.


Example: If you want to have only 1 fish -a  beta, you do not have to buy a large aquarium, but if you want to have goldfishes, keep in mind that the fish will quickly overgrown the small volume and this will cause stress for the animals and will require very frequent water changes.


The lid can be  plastic, glass or bond. We strongly recommend the use of lids as this limits somewhat the evaporation of water, the polution by dust particles and other contaminants, and prevents accidents with occupants.


Did you know that many of the fishes actually can jump and pop out of the water? More information on the topic can be found here.

The lighting of very important if you plan to grow live plants. In this case, you must select one with enough powerf for the volume and height of your aquarium.


Example: If you want to grow hemiantus or other plants requiring high lighting power, we recommend that you do not select an aquarium with a height of more than 50 cm and provide a 1W per ltr (1 or 0.5W LED) light intensity.


If you do not grow live plants then you need lighting just to enjoy your fish. We recommend that it is not too strong and provide enough places where the fish can hide in case they are stressed.


It is important to remember whether you have plants or not the aquarium lighting should not work more than 8 hours a day. Longer periods will result in the development of algae (green or brown algae) on the bottom, decorations and the inside side of the glass, as well add stress in fish.


The filter and the filtering system are of a great importance to the aquarium's health and well-being. Typically, the filters consist of a water pump and a filtering media. Filtering media we call all kinds of sponges, ceramics and materials we use to filter the dirt in the aquarium and serve as the home of the beneficial bacteria of the aquarium.


We will deepen the difference between different types of filters in the near future. The main thing to remember is always to choose the filter in terms of the volume and load of your tank.


In the nature, the water has a constant exchange of oxygen; in the aquarium it is very limited, so especially for aquariums with a large number of fish we recommend adding an air pump with an air stone.


This is the basic eqipment needed for the successful starting and care of ani aquarium.

In the next topic, we'll take a closer look at what's needed and step by step explaining how to choose the right aquarium and how to run it.


We assume that you have already started the aquarium.  And there comes the moment of maintenance. Many people think that daily care is required, or its needed to put everything out every week and wash it on hot water and so on. However, this is absolutely wrong! The maintenance of the aquarium does not take more than 30 minutes a week. It consists of siphoning the bottom in order to harvest waste and uneated food and a change of not more than 1/3 of the aquarium water.


There are a few simple rules that we must follow to have a healthy and beautiful aquarium:


  • Choose the right size aquarium.
  • Do not overpopulate it, follow the seller's recommendations for maximum number of fishes.
  • Do not place all the fish at once. Wait 1 week between increasing the number of fish.
  • Do not overfeed feed the fish. Give it a little at a time. If food remains, gather it and remove it from the water.
  • Do not let the lights of the aquarium turned on for too long.
  • Once a week, clean the bottom with a siphon and change some of the water.


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