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Dennerle Carbo Care Pro 250ml
Dennerle Carbo Care Pro is a highly effective fertilizer for demanding plant aquariums. The product contains selected active ingredients that occur in plant metabolism in this or a similar form. These active substances are absorbed by the plant and used in the cells as a building material for the construction of higher compounds or as a source of energy. This allows the plant to grow faster and stronger. There is also another positive effect: all organic carbon-based agents are bacterially degradable, as the numerous filter bacteria in the aquarium feed on them. In the end, only carbon dioxide and water remain. The effect is visible after a few weeks of regular use: plants grow faster, become more lush and healthier, algae disappear. Dosage: Depending on the conditions of planting and growth: Daily from 2 - 4 ml. per 100 l of aquarium water.

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Dennerle Carbo Care Pro 250ml

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