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-15% Dennerle Plant Care K 250 ml

Dennerle Plant Care K is a potassium fertilizer, with macronutrients, for densely planted and demanding aquariums. Aquarium plants need about 20 different nutrients to grow healthily. Potassium is of particular importance in this regard. It belongs to the macronutrients and is necessary for the improvement of plants. Why is potassium needed in the aquarium?

Potassium has various functions in the plant. It maintains a high concentration both in the cells themselves and in the vascular system. Potassium is an osmotically active ion that is crucial for building root pressure as well as specific pressure. If the aquarium needs all 3 macronutrients N, P and K, the Dennerle Plant Care NPK combination is recommended. Dosage: 2 ml. per 100 l. aquarium water. Dennerle Plant Care K can be applied weekly or daily as needed.

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Dennerle Plant Care K 250 ml

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